Letter From Our President

From our roots as SCI MarketView, we have always been driven by the ideal to modernize the customer buying journey. Our decades of knowledge coupled with our innate understanding of the value of robust data and a drive to advance areas of the auto industry moved us to deliberately evolve to become taq Automotive Intelligence.

taq Automotive Intelligence is committed to changing the way Canadian Dealers, Lenders and Automotive Manufacturers interact with the customers on the car purchase journey. Our solution is a radical new approach that merges a customer-centric lead management tool, an easy-to-use credit portal, and a data-rich portfolio mining tool onto one streamlined platform. The combination of these features alone is unrivaled in the marketplace; couple that with True Digital Retailing and there is nothing like it in the marketplace today.

taq brings unique perspective, solid experience, strategic ingenuity, and steadfast integrity to every relationship, ensuring that our Dealer, Lender, and Manufacturing partners benefit from a win-win relationship. You have my word on that.

Our commitment is that we will make you better at selling to the new, digital savvy customer, each of whom has their own unique path to purchase. By connecting all the buying journey data points that exist today, and those that will exist tomorrow, you will have the opportunity to connect with your customer wherever they are in their journey. And we believe that is the better experience.

Join the journey.

John Currado